2025 Space Selection

Exhibit space is assigned by order of priority points calculated based on a variety of metrics tied to AMCP national meetings. This ranking system has a weighted emphasis on a consistent exhibiting presence in the expo hall and corporate membership. 

Recent past exhibitors will be offered the opportunity to reserve booth space in advance of general sales according to the following schedule:

Group Criteria AMCP 2025 Assignments
Priority Group 1  Exhibitors with 50+ points  April 1-12 (Virtual Appointments)
Priority Group 2  Exhibitors with 15-49 points  April 15-16 (Onsite)
Priority Group 3 Exhibitors with 6-14 points April 16-17 (Onsite)
Priority Group 4  Past Exhibitors with 1-6 points & 2024 Corporate Members  April 17 (Onsite)
General Sales New exhibitors & exhibitors lapsed 4+ years  May 1 (Online Application)

*By appointment to the sales office at AMCP 2024 in New Orleans. Priority groups will be emailed invitations to schedule appointments. Please contact exhibits@amcp.org if you need assistance. 

Priority Point System 

Points are calculated during the three-year period prior to the event (e.g., points earned during 2022-2024 will be tallied for 2025 priority ranking).  

  • Booth Size: 1 point per 100 square feet of total paid exhibit space. 
  • Exhibiting Company: 5 points per event. Co-exhibitors and cancellations do not earn exhibit points.  
  • Two-Show Bonus: 20 points are added for exhibiting in both AMCP 2024 and Nexus 2024.
  • Corporate Membership: 10 points for current membership status at time of ranking.
  • Sponsorships & Advertisements: 1 point earned for pre-show and onsite promotional opportunities associated with the event. Non-exhibiting sponsors for the period tallied (2022-2024) do not earn priority points. 

Ties, Mergers, Acquisitions & Other Contingencies 

  • Past exhibitors who have lapsed more than three years since their last event will not be included in the priority ranking. Space assignments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis once general sales open. 
  • If two or more companies have equal numbers of points, the most recent activities will influence space assignment decisions. The largest booth at last year’s meeting will get assigned first. If points and booth size are tied, priority is awarded to the client who submitted the contract first.  
  • If an exhibiting company is sold to a non-exhibiting company, the points of the acquired company are transferred.  
  • If two exhibiting companies merge and they combine into one exhibit, the client retains the higher of the two companies. Points cannot be combined.  
  • If an exhibiting company is acquired by another exhibitor and they want to maintain separate exhibits, they retain their separate points.  
  • In the case of a dissolution of a partnership, the points will be equally divided between the newly created individual companies. 

How Do I Select My Booth Onsite? 

Exhibitors will be emailed in late March by order of priority group with assigned appointment times to select booth space for AMCP 2025.

Before arriving to your appointment, please be sure you have the following:  

  • Authority to sign an exhibiting and/or sponsorship contract on behalf of your organization.  
  • An approved payment method: credit card, check or ACH.

Onsite space selection is quick and easy:  

  1. Check in at the sales office located in Booth 911 of the expo hall (Hall B).  
  2. Review the live floor plan and note your top three booth choices.  
  3. Meet with the exhibits team to reserve your booth selection.  
  4. At the checkout kiosks, log into the Exhibitor Portal — your company password will be provided — to confirm your booth, digitally sign the agreement, and make a payment.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent at the close of the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m unable to attend AMCP 2024. What are my options for selecting a space? 

Companies may choose to send another representative to select their booth space. Note: Representatives must be authorized to sign an exhibiting agreement and make a payment. We accept credit card, check or ACH to secure a booth. 

Alternatively, exhibitors may request AMCP reserve the “best available” space on their behalf at their appointment time. Please contact us at exhibits@amcp.org with your booth requirements. A booth proxy reservation form, exhibiting contract and invoice will be sent to confirm your booth. 

When and how can I renew my 2024 sponsorship?

All AMCP 2024 sponsors will be offered the right of first renewal for AMCP 2025 opportunities. Expect an email notification with your renewal contracts in the week of April 1.

Can I reserve a booth for Nexus 2024?

Yes! Our exhibits team can help you select your booth (and sponsorships) for either meeting during your appointment.