Pre-Conference Program

The following preconferences will be offered in during AMCP 2023.

AMCP Talks: Incorporating Value Framework Assessments in Coverage and Reimbursement Decisions

Tuesday, March 21 | 4–5:30pm 
This session is open to AMCP 2023 meeting registrants. No pre-registration is required. (This session is not accredited for continuing pharmacy education.)


According to a recent survey of payers, the most important factors when selecting a framework to inform decision-making are the metrics and outcomes, comparative clinical effectiveness information, methodologic rigor, and transparency. Although payers agree on these important factors, their decision-making processes and incorporation of value assessment information in these decisions can differ vastly. This session aims to explore:

  • Payer decision-making processes and structures.
  • Current sources and use of value assessments in these decisions.
  • Future value assessment information needs.
  • The potential impact of the Inflation Reduction Act.


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Leveraging the FDA HCEI Guidance To Expand Payer Engagement Through a Comprehensive HCEI Strategy

Tuesday, March 21 | 10am–4pm 
Cost: $1995 (Includes registration to AMCP 2023. Please complete a full-registration AMCP 2023 registration to secure training.) 


This training program will present strategies to understand timing, advance planning, and internal stakeholder coordination needed to deliver BIM and/or CEM at launch and post-approval HCEI within 24–36 months post-launch. A payer panel will discuss how HCEI is used and its impact on a product’s formulary status. Learn how to apply insights and information from pre-approval information exchange to develop and refine your HEOR/RWE/HCEI strategy. Lunch will be provided. 

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Medication Use Quality: A PQA Live CE Event

Tuesday, March 21 | 1–5pm 
Cost: $195


This Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) workshop is for professionals working to improve patient outcomes through pharmacy and related services focused on safe and appropriate medication use.  

The program provides a foundation in healthcare quality with an emphasis on the current medication use quality landscape, value-based care models, and the principles of measurement science. 

 The workshop will cover:

  • The Role of Quality Measurement in Healthcare.  
  • Quality Measurement Professionals: From Development to Implementation.  
  • What Makes a Good Measure?  
  • Measurement Programs.  

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