Pre-Conference Programs

The following pre-conferences will be offered during AMCP 2024:

Innovative Contracting Workshop: Optimizing the Use of High-Impact Drugs

ACPE UAN: 0233-0000-24-001-L01-P
Contact Hours: 4
Activity Type: Application-based

Obesity, diabetes, NASH, NSCLC, SMA, hemophilia, sickle cell – what do these all have in common? High-impact, trend-driving treatments! Whether it be a costly 1-time dose for a small population, or a specialty treatment for a large population, these treatments likely have a high-impact on your organization and management strategies. Payers, patients, and manufacturers alike are struggling with the challenges of affordability and access to these high-impact, novel therapies.

This educational session and workshop will feature experts in managed care and innovative contracting who will holistically explore different strategies and mechanisms to put a price on uncertainty. Attendees will delve into the evolving trends of high-impact drugs and generate their own potential innovative contracting or value-based agreement solutions as they build their own “value house.” You don’t want to miss this highly engaging and interactive session!

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Medication Use Quality: A PQA LIVE CE Event
This live event will allow you to engage with faculty in question-and-answer sessions and dynamic group discussions and activities. Participants will be able to network with other quality improvement professionals. This session will help to build foundational knowledge into medication use quality.  It will introduce participants to the current state of healthcare delivery in the United States before continuing onto measurement program foundations, highlighting value-based models of care where measures are implemented as part of measurement programs.

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