AMCP 2024 Door Drops

If your company is an AMCP Corporate Member, exhibiting in the Expo conducting an AMCP-sanctioned Satellite Symposium or Spotlight Session, or sponsoring an event in conjunction with AMCP 2024, you are eligible to conduct a door drop to promote your event. To do so, your company must forward a sample of the material to AMCP for approval before printing. If approved, AMCP will provide an authorization memo including the hotel contact information for making door drop arrangements.  

AMCP’s door drop fee is $1,250 for each drop at each of the hotels you select within AMCP contracted hotels and does not include hotel fees. The hotels within AMCP's contracted block will require a copy of the approval memo from AMCP to process arrangements for the door drop. Pricing for the distribution range from $1.50–$5.00 per piece/per door. The final cost is determined by the hotel, and those billing arrangements must be made directly between the company and the hotel.  

Note: Journals/Magazine issues and supplements are not permitted.

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