Poster Abstracts

The AMCP Poster Abstract program provides a forum through which authors can share their insights and outcomes of advanced managed care practice through publication in AMCP’s Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP).  

Professional reviewed abstracts will be published in the JMCP Supplement under "Meeting Abstracts" two weeks before AMCP 2022. Encore, student pharmacist, resident, fellow, and graduate student abstracts are not published. 

Authors and researchers will present their posters on Thursday, March 31 from noon-1:30pm. For each poster presentation, at least one author should be available during their presentation to discuss findings. Posters will also be displayed on Wednesday, March 30 from 4–7pm, during the opening night reception in The Expo. 

AMCP 2022 Poster Guidelines [PDF]

JMCP Supplement - Meeting Abstracts AMCP 2022

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