AMCP Partnering

Networking at AMCP 2024 is at your fingertips through AMCP Partnering!

AMCP Partnering is a meeting scheduling platform in the AMCP 2024 mobile app used to formally connect with key audiences face-to-face during the conference.  

The Partnering platform is open to all AMCP 2024 registrants at no additional cost and will be available the week of March 10.  

Scheduling meetings at AMCP 2024 is as easy as the tap of a button. 

Send and receive meeting requests through the Partnering tab of the AMCP 2024 app. The Partnering tab includes all meeting registrants, and you can send messages and meeting requests through the app once it's available in mid-March.  Attendees can update their availability for meetings in the app as well as update their profiles.  

When you’ve found the individual(s) you would like to connect with, set the time and select a pre-set networking location at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.   You can also select your own company’s contracted meeting space.

AMCP Partnering    AMCP Partnering





AMCP Partnering FAQs

How do we know when Partnering launches? 

  • Upon system launch, you will receive an email with your login credentials from  
How do I schedule a meeting?  
  • In the AMCP 2024 app (browser or mobile), click on the "AMCP Partnering" section of the sidebar. Click on "Send a Meeting Request." This will open the list of all meeting registrants. Select the registrant that you would like to request a meeting with and send the request.  
What do I do if a meeting time does not work for me or the other party? 
  • If you are sending the request, the recipient will need to suggest a different time. You will then need to accept the amended meeting request. The recipient will need to accept the new amended request. 
  • If you are receiving the request, you must suggest a different time. Then, the original request sender will need to accept the amended time. The request will go back to you to accept. 
Where are my access credentials? 
  • Your access credentials will be sent to you in an email from in mid-March.  If you need assistance or to have your credentials resent, please reach out to Lauren Chan (  
They haven’t responded to my meeting request! 
  • AMCP recommends sending a direct message to follow up with a pending meeting request. AMCP does not guarantee meetings via the Partnering platform but does provide ease and convenience for scheduling meetings.   
How many can be in one meeting request? 
  • As many as you would like! Each individual receiving the request has the opportunity to accept or decline.